Sunday, 1 November 2009

2.Nov-8.Nov - Your look for the week ahead

Gwyneth Paltrow shimmer's in a metallic belted coat by Alice + Olivia and Louboutin caged boots.

Celebrity Style-Star:
Gwyneth Paltrow

Straight and belted at waist

Metallics and silver
Gemstone: Moonstone

With the Full Moon illuminating in Taurus, this week its time to pay close attention to your finances as piling bills, un-paid statements and poor judgement with purchases can be a re-occurring theme. It's importance to balance incomings with outgoings and curb any unnecessary extravagances.

Rather than forking out cash for new outfits, create new trends with old-season pieces. The wardrobe essential for the week is a funky coat, preferably one that's intricate, detailed or colourful which can be worn like a dress. Add a colourful belt to extenuate the waist. Metallic and silvery shades help to create transparency and a clear mind to aid good decision making. Your lucky gemstone is Moonstone.

Personalise the look based on your zodiac sign:

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius) - Pearl jewelery

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn) - Drawstring Purse

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius) - Flower's pinned on attire

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces) - Roman-inspired boots

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